Tips For Party Makeup – Best Makeup

Tips For Party Makeup – Best Makeup

Tips For Party Makeup – Best Makeup

Whenever we hear the word party, it automatically brings a smile to our face. To us girls, party means to slay and to slay means new dresses, heavy makeup, delicious food, jewelry, gossips and a lot of fun. Be that as it may, the best part about parties is going hard and fast with makeup looks we ordinarily wouldn’t wear on the normal.There are many tips for party makeup – best makeup.

This isn’t an ideal opportunity to go out naturally. It’s your opportunity to truly play with your looks and rock your makeup with glam. Party demands a touch of sparkle, eyes that pop, and bold lips. Here’s the way to make a gorgeous stunning look:

  1. Decide your look:

Invest your energy settling on your decision of what kind of look you want? What kind of dress are you wearing? How much heavy makeup did you want? How much shimmer do you want? Make your mind first and then do makeup, accordingly. In the event that you intend to wear a bling outfit, keep your cosmetics basic and the other way around. If you are intending to wear heavy makeup look then go light on your dress and vice versa.

  1. Prepare Your Face:

Treating your skin before a get-together will make your look flawless regardless. Before advancing towards your eye catching look, you’ll need to wash your face and get rid of dirt and excessive oils from your pores. Use a deep cleanser and wash your face with lukewarm water. If you have oily skin then you can scrub it or we’ll suggest you use mud-mask. For Dry and sensitive skin, deep moisturize your face and keep your skin hydrated.

  1. Keep Your Eye or Lips Game Strong:

It’s an unwritten rule of makeup either you do your eyes or your lips. The explanation behind this is emphasizing the two highlights that can look extreme on certain individuals. If it is eyes we will suggest you to do eye makeup before applying foundation, but if it is your mouth, then go after balancing your flawless foundation.

For Eye:

If you would prefer not to get your under-eyes flawlessly covered and afterward drop eye shadow and liner on top of it then do eye makeup before applying foundation or concealer.

  • Firstly apply eye shadow base/primer to your lids with the help of brush.
  • Choose the right brush accordingly to the look you want.
  • Pick your 3 shades that are nearly alike.
  • For eye crease go with darker shade and
  • For inner eyelid and brow bone use lighter shades, to brighten them up.
  • Use the third shade to connect other shades well, and blend them all.
  • Apply eyeliner as it can make your lashes look thicker and eyes look more extensive.
  • Use eyelash curler, it will make your lashes look longer and then apply mascara in an upward direction over them.
  • To heat things you can apply false eyelashes as they are quite popular nowadays.

                      For lips:

Let’s be honest, lips and cheeks tints are our favorites. Match it with your outfit go with some bold colors. Red is for everybody! Simply putting on red lipstick spice up everything in your total looks.

Treat your lips right. You want attention on your choice of shade not how dry and flaky your lips are. Here is a guide to get perfect lips:

  • Smooth the surface by apply lip balm.
  • For better results, you can apply a moisturizer like Argan oil to your lips. It will give a natural pucker to your lips.
  • Use lip liner to get the crispier, longer-lasting and well geometric look.
  • Use lipstick brush for bolder colors as it doesn’t let lipstick to travel out the baseline.
  • Make it longer lasting by sprinkling baby powder on your lips over a tissue paper.


  1. Flawless Face Makeup:

Making a perfect face is as significant as picking the correct outfit. Like we always say, firstly, apply primer and moisturizer. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone and make sure to mix in well. This would conceal any spots and defective skin tone, giving you a perfect base. If you are up for countering then do it before applying foundation and blend it well. Match your cheek tint with your lip color and apply it to the apple of your cheeks. Don’t forget to smile. For perfect and sharp jawline, apply bronzer to it as it makes it well defined and geometrical.


  1. Get That Glow:

Get your glow by applying a highlighter just in the correct territories. Highlighter ought to be connected where the light hits on the face normally and recall the mantra – a little is more. Apply some on the curve of forehead bone, cheekbone and Cupid’s bow. This would help light to reflect, bringing about a gleam. On the off chance that you need to make your face look longer or shorter, at that point a highlighter utilized for shaping brings about the ideal result. If you have to make your face look longer or shorter, by then a highlighter used for framing realizes the perfect outcome. If you have to expand the face, by then use the highlighter along with the dazzling and essentially under the cheek to get a sharp look. While if you are wanting to make it seem, by all accounts, to be shorter, then use it along the cheekbone in a balanced way. This will dispose of the length. Put your favorite scent on and you are set for the night.

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