Easy Makeup Hacks – Beauty Hacks

Easy Makeup Hacks – Beauty Hacks

Easy Makeup Hacks – Beauty Hacks

Obsessed with makeup? Us, as well! Our site has all that you have to think about with regards to the most recent cosmetics launches, from extraordinary concealers to the best mascaras and eye cosmetics available. Furthermore, discover makeup tips and easy makeup hacks – beauty hacks that will enable you to figure out how to apply cosmetics like a pro, and think about the most recent patterns the majority of the famous people are wearing.

You don’t need to go through hours before a mirror to get perfect makeup look. There are a wide range of little deceives A.K.A hacks you can utilize that will make applying beauty care products a lot simpler and guarantee that you generally have the look you are going for. Here are the best makeup hacks that will completely change you:

Turn Your Eyeliner Pencil Into Gel:

This will make eyeliner simpler to apply in light of the fact that it makes it milder. Basically place the tip of the eyeliner pencil over a fire for one second. Sit tight around 15 seconds for it to chill off, and apply.

 Cover eyelid with white liner to make any eye shadow shade pop:

To make a sheer or less pigmented eyeshadow seem progressively vivid on your eyelid, take a white eyeliner pencil, and run it over your whole eyelid. The misty consistency of the liner will increase any eyeshadow shade and make it pop right away against your skin.

Remove Glittery Nail Polish Easily:

Douse a little cotton ball in nail clean remover, place it really on the nail clean, by then slide a little elastic band around to hold it set up. Next, put some nail remover on the wipe – the shedding type works particularly well at pulling all the sparkle off the nail. And that’s it.

Skip the Clear Base Coat:

Always use a white base as a base coat. It will make your nail polish stay longer and also avoids your finger from getting stained.

Make Eyes Look Wider:

To make little eyes look bigger and rounder, apply one coat on the whole lashes. In any case, for the second coat, focus in within to make eyes appear to be more prominent. Utilize a thinner wand mascara for more accuracy and to abstain from clumping.

Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner:

Place the curved edge of a spoon along the outer corner of your eye and use this as a guide to draw the wing for your winged liner. Repeat the trick on the other side and your wings will always match! Another amazing hack would be to use scotch tape. Cut a small piece and place it along the outer corners of your eyes, draw on eyeliner as you normally would and peel off the tape once you’re done. Perfectly sharp wings, every single time!

Want An Easy Smoky Eye Makeup:

With your eyeliner, draw an inclined hashtag at the external corner of each eye. Gently blend it in with the remainder of your eyeshadows. You get that smoky look without a ton of work.

Make Lipstick Stay On Longer:

Okay this old trick really works. Put on a layer of lipstick, at that point lay a tissue over your lips. Residue translucent powder on to make the shading set so your lipstick stays on longer.

Make Your Own Lip Gloss:

Your favorite is eyeshadow broken? Don’t worry let’s turn it into lip gloss. Take petroleum into spoon or a container also crush the eyeshadow into fine powder, then mix both ingredients well to make any color lip gloss you like.

Moisturize Your Dried Mascara:

Add a few drops of eye drops into the dried up mascara tube. Take the mascara wand and twist it around in the tube. Lastly, shake the tube well. And your mascara is now well moisturized to use again. Caution: do not twist the wand to and fro in the mascara tube.

Facial oil as a lip balm

Use a drop of facial oil on your lips a few minutes before you’re going to apply a liquid or a matte-finish lipstick. This will not only ensure that your lips are soft and hydrated, it will also ensure the lipstick applies smoother.

DIY monotone makeup

It’s that simple. Take a little bit of blush-on with a lip balm to make yourself a lipstick that perfectly matches your blush-on. For a quick monotone makeup look apply some blush on your eyelids as well.

Keep lipstick off your teeth

Once you’re done applying lipstick, make a kissing face and place your index finger in your mouth. Pull it out while making the kissing-fish face. All the excess lipstick that would have usually ended up on your teeth, is now on your finger. It’s that simple.

Fake luminous skin

Add a little bit of liquid highlighter to the foundation before you apply it. This will give your skin a luminous, all-over glow. You can even mix the highlighter with moisturizer to give the appearance of dewy skin.

DIY BB Cream

Mix a little bit of powder compact or liquid foundation with moisturizer or sunscreen to make your very own BB Cream! The best part is that you can add as much as you need and customize its coverage.

Baby powder for oily hair/to texturize hair

You can use baby powder on flat, limp, and even oily hair. Just sprinkle some on your hair brush and comb it through your roots. It will absorb any excess oil and add some texture to your hair too. This is a particularly great trick if you’re trying to style greasy hair!

Well I hope you enjoyed these makeup hacks. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for new ways to save time and perfect my makeup skills. Whenever someone gives me a makeup hack, I’m always ready to take it for a spin.

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